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Volunteer Application Process:

Managing the Colorado 4-H Volunteer Application Process: 4HOnline Statewide System

A step-by-step process from application to authorization will be followed by all counties. All 4-H volunteer applicants are required to complete the process prior to starting as a volunteer.

4HOnline Volunteer Application (Screenshot)

This is just a screenshot of what the volunteer application looks like within 4HOnline. Not the official application itself. Application must be completed within 4HOnline to be official.

4H Online Application Sample Email

Once you complete and submit your application on 4HOnline you will receive an email similar to this one. Please be on the lookout! If you do not receive an email- check your spam folder, and/or your 4HOnline account to make sure you did complete and submit your application, or contact your local 4-H Agent.

Denver County Instruction for Volunteer Orientation

Step-by-step directions on how to create an account and sign-up for Denver County Volunteer Orientation and access the online training.

Colorado 4-H eXtension Online Volunteer Orientation

The website to start an account and watch the online volunteer orientation. To start an account and get access to the Denver 4-H Volunteer Orientation- check out the document above.

Accommodations can be made to complete the orientation in-person rather than online- as well as in Spanish. Please contact a Denver 4-H Youth Development agent for details.

4-H Club Volunteer Position Description Examples:


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