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Volunteers help make up the core of 4-H, and are critical to the success of its youth. In Colorado there are more than 8,000 volunteers who give their time, skills and talents to help grow today’s youth. These volunteers serve in a number of capacities: some choose to help at summer camps, teach a workshop or lead a club, while others chaperone an event, lend their professional skills, develop lessons, or help at the county fair. As they provide hands-on guidance, worldly experience and mentorship, volunteers also offer young people another critical component- a healthy adult role model who helps them grow their confidence and explore their dreams for the future.

Benefits of Volunteering with 4-H:

In addition to growing and empowering youth, 4-H volunteers benefit from their involvement by:

  • Building new friendships.
  • Forming connections with youth.
  • Improving your community and making a difference!
  • Gaining leadership.
  • Building and developing new passions.
  • Creating positive change in youth and your community.
  • Enhancing and growing your own skills as you help young people build theirs.
  • Creating a lasting legacy.
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise with new generations.

Ways to Volunteer:

Whether you want a short-term volunteer experience or a long-term role, Denver 4-H has an opportunity for you!

  • One-time volunteering, such as helping out at a 4-H event or fair
  • Leading the youngest 4-H’ers — Cloverbuds in grades K-2 (ages 5-7)
  • Teaching a topic you know a lot about – once or regularly
  • Chaperoning a field trip
  • Leading a 4-H club

Who can be a Volunteer:

Anyone over 18 who cares about making a difference in the lives of young people! You don’t have to be a parent or an expert. You will need to complete a background check and attend basic trainings provided by Denver Extension.

How to become a Denver 4-H Volunteer:

To become a 4-H volunteer, please contact the Denver Extension office or click the button below and we will contact you!

Become a volunteer!

A 4-H Youth Development agent will follow up with you about next steps in the Volunteer Selection Process. The Volunteer Selection Process includes an application, background checks, references, and online training modules. There is no charge to you as a volunteer for these background checks or the selection process.

Leading a 4-H Club:

Although we currently don’t have any active clubs in Denver we want to change that! Learn more about starting and club and becoming a 4-H Club Leader and Volunteer. Learn more about the process and roles.


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