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The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) has been operating as a statewide pilot program in the Denver Five Points neighborhood for the last 5 years. The Denver FLTI site is the first 3-generational model operating in the state, meaning that we serve adults, youth, and children

A group of adults and youth holding threads that connect them one to the other in a web

FLTI – Connections made real

with approved curriculum and training.  Benzel Jimmerson served as our Denver site coordinator for the five-year term of the program.

FLTI provides civics training for participants over a 20 week curriculum that meets one night per week. Families are encouraged to participate since there is curriculum available for all ages. Over 20 weeks, participants learn how to engage with elected officials, create an elevator speech, design a community-based project, learn from guest speakers who are leaders in the community, and participate in tours, including one of the Colorado State Capitol where they meet with legislators.
FLTI - Group work during a Day at the Capitol

FLTI – Group work during a Day at the Capitol

FLTI improves self-efficacy while it strengthens families and community. Denver Five Points has graduated over 100 adults and youth over the last five years. Each of these alumni introduced new community projects that are still active.

The federal grant that funded the first five years of FLTI has ended. Presently, Denver Extension is working with other metropolitan sites to create a regional program that is sustainable over time. This regional collaborative is presently seeking new funding to continue this program. Denver Extension plans to host FLTI in 2019, but not during the spring season as has been typical. Once funding for the program is secured, we will launch a participant recruitment effort.
FLTI pic of table discussions

FLTI – Table Discussions

For more information about FLTI, please check out the statewide FLTI website.