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Denver Extension offers a unique organizational coaching and development opportunity. The County Extension Director, Rusty Collins, works with small to medium-sized nonprofits, coalitions, and businesses by providing organizational coaching and mentoring. Rusty will work directly with the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, and/or staff to assess the health of the agency and then work to improve operations and plans. This can include short-term “quick fixes” or longer-term, organizational planning and strategy. Coaching opportunities for organizations may include any of the following.

  • Strategic Planning – developing an organizational vision, mission, goals and objectives
  • Strategic Doing – identifying hidden assets; forming quick, focused, outcome-oriented collaborations; collaborating in small, actionable groups; learning what worked, and deciding next steps.
  • Board Development – working with a Board on operations, recruitment, communication, and culture
  • Executive Director Mentoring – working with an ED over time to help solve problems and provide direction – regular monthly check-in’s
  • Organizational Assessment – determines the health of the organization
  • Half-day and full-day Board retreats
  • The Evolution of a Nonprofit
  • Establishing the ideal office culture
  • Ninja Communication through Owls/Tigers/Lambs/Bulls

To schedule organizational coaching, please send an introductory email to Rusty Collins.


Rusty provided competent, efficient, effective, and friendly facilitation of our board’s strategic planning session. We ended up with a good action plan, and had fun getting to know each other and our organization in the process.
January 2018, ISA Board Retreat

I just wanted to thank you for facilitating the food policy discussion last night. It was by far and away the best public input session I have attended, and I am no stranger to process!!!  Your enthusiasm was stellar, the food was great, and the company could not be beat. While we are no strangers to these issues, it was uplifting to see so many people truly wanting to make a change for the better in our fundamental systems.
James A. L. Tyson

Thank you Rusty!!! I really appreciate your skill in facilitating the workshop. You did and outstanding job of keeping us focused, capturing the gems, highlighting decisions that need to be made, keeping us on task and on time. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and appreciate the tremendous amount of time and thought you spent making this planning meeting a success.
Lucy Bradley

I think that you did a great job in your efforts to engage my Board in some thoughtful dialogue–thank you. Your expertise and talents were apparent, at least to me, with regard to facilitating the Board in some good long range planning discussion. It will be interesting to see how things progress over the next few months.
Sharon Pattee, Executive Director
Colorado Association of Conservation Districts