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Denver Extension provides meeting facilitation and organizational coaching to local governments, organizations and initiatives.  Please email the Extension County Director Rusty Collins to schedule your request.

Meeting facilitation includes the following:

  • Pre-meeting preparation, which can include establishing group needs and goals through strategic discussion with leadership, as well as collaboratively creating the meeting agenda
  • Facilitating meetings from open to close, maintaining group focus on the agenda throughout, working through discussions to answer pre-established needs and goals
  • Thorough follow-up, supplying helpful references and advice. This stage can include further facilitation as needed.

Organizational coaching provides small to medium-sized nonprofits, coalitions, and businesses with an opportunity a assess the health of the agency and then work to improve operations and plans. This can include short-term “quick fixes” or longer-term, organizational planning and strategy.  For a more detailed description, please look here.