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Current 4-H School Enrichment Programs: Our office has a great relationship with several metro-area schools districts, administrators and teachers.  We can provide many different kinds of opportunities and experiences inside classrooms, auditoriums, lunchrooms, and the playground ! These 4-H programs include but are not limited to:

  • S.T.E.M. P.D.Q. – 4-H Leaders come to school, supplies in hand, and lead the students in engaging learning experiences, incorporating Science themes, Technological tools, Engineering concepts and Mathematical equations.  building-towers-at-athmarBudget, time and resource constraints make awesome, hands-on learning experiences a challenge in a classroom.    hallet-airplanesThe P.D.Q. means, we can customize our lessons to fit 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions – and we ‘ramp’ all of the lessons to scaffold for younger grades, and challenge older  Some STEM PDQ lessons – Marshmallow Puff Tubes – Rocketry – Chemical Changes – Air Pressure – and more!

For more about this program –  Email Denver 4H, or call 720-913-5209.


  • Embryology – All youth need to know where their food comes from.   Educating our youth about being a part of the food system is a priority of Colorado State University Extension programming in Denver.  img_1564As such, our Embryology program brings “Ag(riculture) to the Class” via a 4-6 week lesson that teaches how an egg becomes a chicken.  Like other science-related school enrichment programming, we ‘ramp’ all of the lessons to scaffold for younger grades, and challenge older grades in embryology.img_1642 The class includes all you need to incubate hatching eggs and care for baby chicks in your classroom!     For more about this program – Email Denver 4H, or call 720-913-5209.
  • Leadership – Utilizing the Code of the West, and the Cowboy Ethics curriculum, working-together4-H Leaders engage students in leadership activities and lessons where they can apply ideas about how to act in society to their daily lives. 4-H has a younger version for grades K-4, Happy Trails Values, based in the same format of a 4-16 session program.


For more about this program – Email Denver 4H, or call 720-913-5209.




I just wanted to give a BIG shout out to Ms. Jenn and Mr. Steve!  These two amazing people did such a great job explaining the stock show to our little preschoolers on Friday!  They were really amazing with the kids and had the kids’ attention every step of the way!  So thank you for the pre-trip visit and please pass along our gratitude to Steve and Jenn, also.  We had an amazing field trip today! 🙂
Steele Cooperative Preschool
Debbie Keller, pre-K teacher