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Overview and Program Mission:

Éxito Educativo is a partnership based program led by MI ALMA that promotes academic success among Latino families. This exciting after-school program brings Latino parents and their students in high school together to learn about the requirements for high school graduation, the different sources of support, and the pathways to college.

The program consists of six (6) two-hour long modules. Participants learn about the benefits of a college education, the importance of family members communicating with each other, school personnel, and peers. They will also learn about the structure of U.S. higher education, the sources of financial aid, the importance of financial planning, and the college application and admissions process.

Both the parent(s) and the student(s) will be required to attend all six sessions. Free food will be provided at each session. See information below for upcoming program dates and location.

Program Objectives:

  1. Discover academic potential and view higher education as attainable.
  2. Increase awareness of academic requirements for high school graduation.
  3. Promote parent awareness of school systems and modes of involvement in the schools.
  4. Enhance awareness of admission requirements at colleges and universities.
  5. Provide information on financial planning for a college education.
  6. Promote Career Exploration among Latino students.

Topics Addressed:

  • Why do People go to college?
  • Family Communications
  • Academic Requirements
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Resources
  • Applying for College Admission

Consistent with its culturally relevant approach, the program is bilingual and can be offered in Spanish for those parents who are primarily Spanish-speaking.

Fall 2021 Program Dates and Location:

We are excited to launch Éxito Educativo in partnership with Focus Points Family Resource Center.

Join us each Wednesday from 5:30-8:00 pm, October 6th- November 10th, at the Community Room at Focus Points Family Resource Center, located at 2501 E 48th Ave Denver, CO 80216. FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED at each session!

To register visit:

Register Today!

The Denver program is offered through a partnership that includes CSU Denver Extension, Colorado 4-H, Focus Points Family Resource Center, and MI ALMA.

Brochures and Flyers:

Flyer in both English and Español

Brochure in both English and Español

For questions please contact Jenia Hooper at, or 720-913-5267.
*Se habla español


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