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Denver Extension’s motto is “We are urban, inclusive, and engaged.”

Our quarterly newsletter showcases that engagement, describing our work with adults and youth, in communities, schools, and families across the year.

Our Denver 4-H programs connect youth with STEM-related classes like rocketry, robotics, healthy cooking, embryology, technical stage and theater, and summer camps.

We are actively engaging people with information about their veggies, plant and soil health, and insects.

Over the past 5 years, we have graduated over 100 adults and 30 youth through our 20 week Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) who all have active community projects in place.

Our Nutrition Education program teaches families to shop wisely and cook healthy foods, with much of the curriculum delivered in Spanish.

And Denver Extension is helping to move the dial on a national dialogue about Urban Extension (see article on Hot Shots and Project-Based Extension in our December 2018 issue).

Part of our exciting future involves the National Western Center redevelopment project. If you are interested in knowing more about Extension’s future role at the National Western, please check out the December 2018 issue.  We will have ongoing coverage of the Metropolitan Extension Center in future newsletters.

So if you’re interested in Denver Extension’s work in youth development, the local food system, nutrition education, FLTI, community development, or the Metropolitan Extension Center, please feel free to check out our website, follow us on our various forms of social media, or explore our previous newsletters!

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